Drink Everytime I Say Motivation

Wow. What a day, I don't feel like doing anything...even the blog I told myself I would start and stay committed to.

This week challenged me emotionally and had me questioning if I was ever going to be doing enough. I was hard on myself and it was easy to fall off the wagon. Feeling hopeless I wasn't holding myself accountable for choices and felt like days were flying by without really getting anything done.

I have to recommit to my new lifestyle everyday. It is hard to break old habits that were always part of my daily routine and stay in an aware mindset that will keep me on track.

Staying motivated when things get overwhelming can sometimes seem impossible. So, I went back and looked at how I have stayed motivated to help you. What I realized is a lot of the time I'm not motivated to start something, but I know how great I'm gonna feel when I finish it. This idea centers around scheduling. Making sure my life is scheduled in a way where I can follow through on my commitments, and show up even when I don't want to. You have to force yourself past the points of "I don't feel like it" because what you learn on the other side is going to be ground breaking. Sometimes you are gonna have to white knuckle it...just do it.

If you want it, you will.

To help you see what is possible, I created the #MotivationChallange this week. Doing one thing everyday for the next 7 days that will help you feel fulfilled! Tag me @erin_willett and show me what you are doing to stay motivated and committed even when you feel like you can't. I'll be right along with you to show you I'm staying motivated as well. Follow my Instagram and see what I'm up to this week!

Your mind is muscle, flex it this week. See what you can do when you think things aren't possible.