Its Been One Year (...and a month)

So as I have shared before, I am definitely good at procrastinating. I had the idea to post this right around the one year mark of my first day on The Biggest Loser Ranch, and reflect on the past year…but I'm about a month late…so bare with me.

I still wanted to share this post mostly to articulate how much I am continuing to grow and learn throughout this journey of weight-loss and self discovery. This past year has been difficult yet fulfilling and though its been tough, the work I have put into myself and sharing my story has been the most empowering thing I have ever done.

Its been hard to stay focused sometimes, and I have beat myself up about many things…but I also am learning to do that a little less and take care of myself mentally and emotionally just as much as I have learned to take care of my body physically.

This has not just been about “being skinny” this has been an awakening of pushing myself to be better, hold myself accountable, and live life more fearlessly than I ever have before.

Erin Willett