A Conversation with Different Hunger: Part 2

In May I had a (very long) conversation with my friend Matt Kohn, creator of Different Hunger, about my weight-loss journey on and after The Biggest Loser. We spoke about many topics which will become a series I will be posting to my blog.

During Part 2 we discuss the power of Mindset to create successful change in one's life.

This topic is very significant to me lately because I have needed to remind myself how powerful my mindset is to my success.  I have returned back to somewhat of a comfort zone, within my weight loss as well as my career. Re-watching this conversation, it shows me that to create more fulfillment in my life, reaching beyond my comfort zone can continue to create massive changes within me and propel me into a place that I never thought I could be. We are in charge of standing still as well as the ones who choose to move forward, and I want to see what's just beyond my reach, don't you?

Erin Willett was on The Biggest Loser and lost an incredible 87 pounds. Since her radical transformation, countless people have approached her asking her what her 'secret' is, or 'how she did it'...

Check out Matt's Blog DIFFERENT HUNGER where you can find endless tools and information on how to become a successful 20-something.

Erin Willett