The Making of Me

My life runs on self expression. I am a goofball, a class clown, an entertainer and an artist. I have used these words to describe who I am. But I have found recently after a big change in my life (losing weight and changing my mind set) that I must put these things into action or else these ways I describe myself are nothing more than words. I want to be a do-er.

I have proven to myself, black and white, that things are possible when I stop making excuses and I just do. Sometimes I don't see the results right away, and that can be frustrating...but it also sometimes just feels good knowing I am truly doing my best to execute the life I want to live.

Through my experience on The Voice and now most recently The Biggest Loser I have inspired people. It blows my mind that people can look up to me, because I, like you, struggle to figure this life out everyday. This is maybe why you connect with me...because I am accessible, I am real...just like you.

So for you and for me, I have decided to finally do something I have wanted to do but continued to make excuses about.

I am going to blog/vlog...share my tools, experiences, "things I like" with you. I am just another person sharing the same shit, but maybe I am a little different and we understand each other a little bit more. Maybe we "speak the same language" and I can help. Maybe I just want to have something I do as a hobby and if no one watches it, its all good cause I'm just having fun recording myself in my bedroom. (that sounded weird...) I have never been the best writer, but my feelings are real which make them valid. I will try to get them out as best I can. I also will be posting videos and staying as consistent as I possible can. Holding myself accountable has been a huge part of this life changing process, and I feel like this is a great way to continue to do that every week.

Anyway, this is my "I'm preparing you for this and I hope you keep an eye out cause its coming" Also, you can comment down below, and if you have an questions or ideas, let me know. I want to know how you are feeling since I have been sharing all of my feelings on reality TV. ( i know, there have been a lot of feelings) You can come check out my blog here on my website every week. I will create posts about products I use, how to deal with real world situations, music I'm listening to...blah blah blah LOTS AND LOTS OF IDEASSSSS

I hope this means a lot to you. I'm proud of myself for putting one foot in front of the other and facing my fears. And if you think this is don't come up to me in public and tell me it's stupid, that would just hurt my feelings. Just what you want, but buy me a drink afterward. ;)

Here is my promise to you and be an open book. to be a do-er and share more of myself than ever before.