Prep Talk

Just wanted to take a moment to talk about food.

I never really understood how import it was to fuel my body correctly, to listen to what it had to say, and to give it good healthy food to maintain where I am. In this day and age with "Sugar Free" this and "Low Fat" that, we sometimes forget that the simplest things are the best for us. I have learned to base most of my meals around vegetables, filling my plate and not feeling like I'm missing out.  I used to ALWAYS get french fries as a side to EVERYTHING, it added about 500-700 calories to my plate without even thinking. I now love getting a salad or trying new veggies as a side. Yes, sometime I miss my french fries..and I'll have some here an there, but the fun of tasting amazing vegetables that I don't have to feel guilty about (be aware of how they are prepared when you are out though) makes me feel great about my choices. Now, let me tell you, I indulge sometimes and I indulge hard but to create balance I take out the guest work of most of my meals. I eat the same things a lot to create this mindful mindlessness. I find "go to's" that are healthy and easy and I use them when I would rather be mindless and grab a burger and fries. My life is crazy, and I'm sure yours is too, but you have to be prepared for the crazy. For me, that's Go Lean Crunch every morning to wake me up and start my day with something a little sweet, or bringing a protein bar in my bag if I need some fuel in the middle of the day.

Being aware and prepared is key.




Erin Willett