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My Hair?

I wanted to finally make a post of how I do my hair. You ask and you shall receive...

I have had a long struggle with a lot of things about my physical appearance growing up, one of them being my hair. I naturally have very thick, curly hair. It frustrated me when I was younger because I didn't understand how to tame it, or style it, or what exactly to do. Over my college years I began to finally embrace my curly locks and even epitomized them on my t-shirt (SOLD HERE) After much time rocking that style I wanted to experiment and try new things: welcome to the world of lots of heat and chemicals!! Lets say I was not so nice to my hair and very impatient (and cheap) when it came to dying and frying. I cut my own hair, I colored my own hair...even risking it falling out, but through it all I have found how fun it is to experiment.

So coming from the girl who used to cry to her mom about her curly hair that she didn't understand, when I started to get messages about my hair and beauty routine, lets just say I was a bit excited!! Though this is a very simple look that I have been doing for a while, its my go-to. This style adds a little wave and texture which makes it great because IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT! ;)  See, life lessons can also happen when we are talking about hair.

Treat your hair kind and invest well! Experiment and try new things!