A Conversation with Different Hunger

Fueled by his own doubts about how to become a successful 20-something, my friend Matt Kohn, began looking into the habits and actions taken by top performers. Unfulfilled by his own 9-5 job he decided to implement some of these to his life by packing up his apartment and moving to Medellin, Colombia. There he began following his passion to discover the differences between the dreamers and the "do-ers"

I was honored when he asked me to have a conversation about how I became so successful with my weight loss on The Biggest Loser and how that has changed my mindset for other aspects of my life as well. Below is the beginning of many videos exploring my journey and what I have learned.

Check out Matt's Blog DIFFERENT HUNGER where you can find endless tools and information on how to become a successful 20-something.

Erin Willett