LIVE AT THE BUSHWICK MANSION: "Same Drugs" Chance The Rapper Cover

One of the cooks at my job turned me on to Chance the Rapper a few years back and when I started listening to "Coloring Book" I felt so inspired. I would listen to the record beginning to end and over again. Chance's story is like many of ours, but he is able to become so vulnerable and honest with his lyrics that you really connect to everything the music is saying. You can begin to see yourself in him. For me, hearing Kirk Franklin on the record brought me back to middle school and pretending I was one of the background singers on "The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin". The homage that Chance gives to his community and upbringing, with the ability to harness his power and preach such a positive message is incredible. I smile when I hear his music, because I know he's smiling when he's making it. 

Erin Willett