Farewell to Family Reunion at Father Knows Best

Last week I was invited to perform at an open mic that has shown me so much support over the past year. Family Reunion is a monthly curated open mic that was created by Laney Lynx and Mathilda Heenehan to give an outlet to local and traveling artists. 

I first went to the open mic to check out a friend perform and I immediately fell in love with the format, the people, and the support. Over the past year I have performed a few times, and have never felt such a freedom with my performance. I love losing myself in my music, and always could fall freely there. 

This past week was their last gathering at Father Knows Best and oh boy, was it magical. With the recent passing of the Queen of Soul, I decided that a sing-a-long would remind us of the beauty we create with our collective energy (and we were missing such an important piece of The Erin Willett Trio, Maggie Doherty...so I needed a little help with background vocals.) 

This is for the community of musicians at Family Reunion as well as all the amazing artists that influenced where we are today, especially Aretha.